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Three Rivers Stadium
    Three Rivers Stadium

To get in there, all I need to do is to enter  my Ticket ID on the Gate Keypad, as shown at right. Further, I can either buy a ticket on the spot wirelessly at the wheel , even an hour before the game starts. Also, I can return my ticket  for a hassle-free  refund on the spot so some one else can buy it on the spot wirelessly.  It all can happen on the VIMO™  screen , while behind the wheel.

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Checking in for a boarding pass in your vehicle - Ticketless Wireless Boarding

Have you ever wondered why  you can't check in for a boarding pass in your vehicle, WHILE driving  some miles away from an airport.?  Yes, you can.

DriveOnPay™ can do it. When you approach the airport , your VIMO™ screen will kick on, triggered by signals propagated from the BS of the airport. First, you will be prompted to decide whether to prepay a nominal parking fee.If  you are passing by the airport, then you have to ignore it. But if you are heading to the airport, then you will have to prepay the parking fee wirelessly. However, the parking timer embedded in VIMO™ will start ticking away, only when your vehicle passes the airport entrance.

Esenboga Int'l Airport, Turkey
Esenboga International Airport, Turkey
                    No need to line up for boarding.  I've already checked in while in
                           the vehicle. I'll just have to enter  my Ticket ID on the Gate keypad
                           to get  a boarding pass.  Thanks, VIMO.

Flight info wireless from VIMO™

If you are to get on board a plane, then you will be prompted to send your flight information plus your personal profile by hitting the keys on the screen. If the  data received at the BS matches the stored information, then the BS will send you a 7-digit TID (Ticket ID) plus Boarding Gate Number.  

Authenticate TID and Re-Authenticate Later

When receiving the TID, then you will authenticate it by entering your birth date in the <mmddyyyy> format or else any 8-digit number you can't forget. Pressing the key after the entry will  confirm to the BS the primary authentication of TID. When you get out of your vehicle, then you walk through a metal detector and go on to walk to a pedestal-type or kiosk-type keypad at the entrance of the boarding gate. Then you will enter your TID and thereafter, the same 8-digit number you have already entered on the VIMO™ screen. Here you go, your boarding pass. Look at the above kiosk-type keypad showing  the three letters [ J, K, L ] that are to change each hour. Further details are specified in our C24  or Circadian
Numbering™ algorithm.

Prepay for first 30 minutes of parking

On the other hand, you are not boarding on a plane, but picking up or seeing off  any  passengers. Then  you will just prepay the parking fee for a regular stay limit of 30 minutes, and in case of exceeding the limit, you will be wirelessly charged , when leaving the premise of the airport. Then you will be given three days to pay extra.

Ball Park Scenario for Remote Check-In

You happen to pass by a ball park within a range of 5 miles, the VIMO™ screen will kick on, prompting you to go on for any transaction or ignore it. On the spur of the moment, you decide to go see a ball game and see if any ticket available. Yes, it is available, and you buy it on the spot wirelessly, either book a parking spot ahead of the time or drive along until you come to a parking spot of your pick.

When you are done with parking, the the VIMO™ screen will pop up your TID.
You authenticate it and press the key and get out of your vehicle. Later when you get to the entrance, you come to a keypad pedestal and then enter the TID and re-authenticate it to let you and your company, if any, in.

In case you have a prepaid ticket or a season ticket, you will propagate the ticket information to the BS to get a TID. And you will go on as described above.

Expo Scenario for Remote Check-In

You have an option of either buying a ticket on the VIMO™ on the spot or buy it on the Internet ahead of the time, as is the case with the ball park scenario. You will cruise down some streets until you come within a 5-mile range of  the expo venue, where 'ad hoc' BS is stationed. If you are a VIP guest or event crew of the expo , then you will proceed straight to the expo entrance, where your vehicle will be valet-parked.

 If not, you will do "Remote Check-In" for a parking spot. The expo organizer may have already scheduled and arranged the "EVENT PARKING™" ahead of  the event day.  A select number of commercial or public parking garages will be booked for a quota of parking spots and at the time of "Remote Check-In, each vehicle will be assigned to a specific parking garage. The motorist will have an option of taking it or swapping it . If you decide to take it, the you'll book it and head for the parking garage.

When your vehicle is parked, then you will get your TID(Ticket ID) and do the same as is the case with the scenarios for airports and ball parks. Now you get of your vehicle and walk some distance to the gate of the expo, and do the same  on the keypads.

Why the current technolgoy is not viable to tackle future security

The Clear card system that is run by  Verified Identiy System is facing  a new challenge in its technological viability. In early August, this company was suspended by TSA(Transport Security Administration)  due to the huge security breach affecting 33,000 customers. According to TSA spokesperson Ann Davis, the company's unencrypted computer storing the personal information on the cards went missing at SFO(San Francisco
Airport) on July 26, 2008.

[The core technology of DriveOnPay™ and its deployment scenarios can only be disclosed to interested parties under a non-disclosure agreement and then licensed to qualified  and competent licensees on a non-exclusive basis.]


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