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Investor Relations

We are in contact with some potential investors and are hoping to establish relations with technology-minded investors with some insights into fast-paced mobile technology world. 

It is legendary in business world that 'forever' means 5 to 12 years. Market leaders of today will be out of sight in another 10 years, replaced by a new generation of market movers. IPO and stock options are gradually losing their glamors, and big American corporations are tainted by stock option backdating scandals.

The buyout onrush by private equity firms,  like Blackstone Group,  is turning public corporations into private ones. That's probably in the wake of corporate accounting malpractices leading to the demise of Enron and MCI WorldCom, and, meantime,  the buyout onrush reflects a gradual shift away from the growing burden of SOX Compliance on the part of public corporations.

Perhaps stock market sensitivity to corporate short-term performances is driving corporate America into a techno limbo, leaving no room for longer-term corporate plans.  So far, corporate America has been on the IPO fast-track, tantalizing and frustrating small-time investors. Venture capitalists and investment bankers have been casting wider nets to catch a school of lucrative fish., and maybe are bracing up for the harder days ahead.

Making any assumptions or forecasts would be silly at this time, but corporate America is undergoing a tumultuous upheaval now, and, in another 5 years from now, the market situation will have been a lot more different than now.

If you are an investor conscious of this upheaval, you might want to feel tempted to investment in our DriveOnPay(TM). Send e-mail to investors@driveonpay.com

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