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Technology start-ups are prone to be on tiptoe so as to either be visible to the public eye or gain some level of media exposure. ErgonoTech is well aware of the good and bad things about being exposed to media. In other words, ErgonoTech is not in a hurry to gain media exposure.

Mobile technology is evolving at a tempo that was unthinkable a few years ago, Complacencies are the only enemy of mobile technology.  Today's technology is tomorrow's outdated technology.

The market research industry is playing the role of  a watchtower in search of newest market trends and new technological advances, but some market research giants have grown too big to stoop over to see what they are stepping on. Smaller but swifter runners in the field of market research are gaining a strategic position to access the newest trends and technologies.

The mobile multimedia made it possible for bloggers and independent journalists to get the upper hand of pack journalism. Whatever has got any news value is touted by them.

Any  materials  published on this website will indemnify you of any obligations or liability, insofar as they are used for publishing for the public, not for any commercial purposes.

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