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Shoot!!! Isn't it scary that one quarter of  the world's computers have been degraded to a slave status of "botnet" or "zombies" and are operated remotely by cybercrime gangs.  At a time like this, would you feel comfortable about what you do on desktops and laptops.  Online shopping and online banking.  Now, mobile technology has ushered in mobile shopping, mobile banking, mobile advertising and mobile marketing.

Operation: Bot Roast

BBC news reports on June 14, 2007 that the FBI is contacting more than one million PC owners who have had their computers hijacked by cyber criminals.

However, there is the weakest link in mobile technology, particularly mobile shopping.  A lack of real-time bridge between real and virtual worlds. In other words, unless it is digital content, either real-time or JIT pickup and/or delivery is hardly expected when it comes to mobile shopping.

What is JITeCGO all about? Simply put, it is all of the above mobile stuff behind the wheel. How?


Location-based VIN-based behind-the-wheel e-Commerce on the Go.
It differentiates itself from the web-based e-Commerce, based on VIN (Vehicle ID) in the DriveOnPay™ format. In other words, JITeCGO is the location-based BWA e-Commerce on the go, enabling JIT pickup and JIT service to materialize. That means an immediate "mission critical" contact between cyberworld and real world can be made, with a completely new eCommerce domain in prospect.

In the implementation scenario, DriveOnPay™ requires all the vehicles to be registered in a national database to accommodate all the wireless menu-based payment options on VIMO™.

How it works

Basically, in each session each VIMO™ will be assigned a SID (Session ID), which is a 7-digit alphanumeric number whose format is e.g. 123K456. The SID can also be used as Ticket ID or Order ID that is required to be authenticated by entering an 8-digit Date of Birth or any other 8-digit number that will never betray your memory. And later this TID has to be re-entered on a kiosk keypad installed at the entrance of a store or a public place in order to pick up the merchandise or service ordered Just In Time. .

TID and the 8-digit authentication code are for one-time use for the day, with validity normally ranging between two and three hours.

Another folksy name of JITeCGO:  DriveOn Shopping or DriveAround Shopping (DAS).

Roughly, JITeCGO will  be applicable in the following segments, but will likely expand its territory in the decades to come.

  • place prepaid carryout orders
  • make prepaid restaurant reservations
  • enable JITeCGO auction featuring day auction for same-day pickup
  • buy ballgame tickets on the spot , while driving within 5miles of a ball park (it can encourage "impulse buying/selling" to get  faster turnaround)
  • streamline metropolitan traffic flow by scheduling the Event Parking™ arrangements
  • pay parking fees in advance to make parking reservations
  • curb traffic rushes to shopping malls by enabling  drive-thru customers to place orders on the VIMO™ screen, WHILE cruising around
  • ticketless entry into ball parks, national parks, expos, and airports by utilizing Remote Check-In™
  • enable unmanned wireless "traffic citation" for parking violations at parking meters, subway parks, and public parking garages
  • enable ticketless wireless entry into "members only" ranches and beaches.



Portable mobile devices, including PDA, laptops, mobile phones, are rapidly increasing in number, and were estimated at 3 billion worldwide as of the end of 2006. Portable mobile devices may pose a safety issue, when in use while crossing traffic-busy streets or when driving behind the wheel, and prompted New York to consider legislation to inhibit or restrict the use. This is the flip side, though.

IT industry as a whole is in a transition from desktops to portable mobile devices. Portable mobile devices are sandwiched between the safety issue and battery life. To address the two issues, stationary vehicular mobile equipment mountable on the center of dashboard might appear. This multi-function DASHTOP mobile equipment will be the next wave to come.In other words, we are gradually moving from Desktops to Laptops to Dashtops.

JITeCGO on a  DASHTOP will certainly be a non-web-based new domain for  a wider spectrum of Users as opposed to Laptops and mobile phones being targeted at younger and tech-savvy generations.

And it is crystal clear that financial transactions on the go will most likely move to non-web-based DASHTOP platforms.

Ultimately, JITecCGO will greatly contribute to beating metropolitan traffic congestions, the No.1 CO2 emitter, with the result of taming "Global Warming".

What is a hidden agenda

Currently, eCommerce is divided into two domains: fixed desktops and mobile devices. However, the domain of mobile devices has two subdomains: portable (hand-held) or stationary. Now we are focused on  the subdomain of portable or hand-held mobile devices.

What about non-web-based eCommerce  that comes in a new domain of staionary mobile, which means mobile devices fixed on vehicle dashtop

Payment means are the backbone of eCommerce. PayPal, Google's Checkout and ShopText have one thing in common:. Consumers sign up to set up an account and have their payment means priorly registered. so as to mask users' payment information during eCommerce transsactions. In that sense, these three methods are a one-trick pony, constricting your choice of payment options.

On the other hand,JITeCGO can help you choose from 3 to 5 payment options and even better, you may choose from  5 to 7 different icons or banners on the VHS-sized screen simultaneously, and zap out one icon after another or flip the entire screen to get a whole new set of icons or banners that are linked to proprietary user-centric menus for any type of  non-web-based eCommerce.

One out of four computers worldwide are currently manipulated by cybercrime gangs and web-based eCommerce won't continue to  be a safe domain. It doesn't mean that web-based eCommerce will go away but it means there lurks a fast-growing potential niche for non-web-based wirless broadband  transactions: JITeCGO.

Online sales losing glamor?

Recently New York Times reported  that the growth rate of online sales is slowing, quoting Forrester Research and Jupiter Research. NYT said the annual growth of online sales had peaked in 2004, topping 25%, and still notching  20% in 2006. Jupiter Research estimates the growth will taper off to 7% by 2011.

Online Sales lose steam

Jupiter could be wrong in their projection

Jupiter's projection could be either right or wrong. Nobody knows for sure what will happen annually until 2011.  Whether you think it is wrong or right, it is your choice. However, NYT failed to point out that one major reason for the sluggish growth can be a lack of a real-time bridge between virtual online world and real world. NYT went quite close to reading the mind  of consumers in this vein, by pointing to the new trend  of consumers reserving online and picking  up merchandises in the stores.

What does this new trend indicate: book online for pickup in the stores?

Sears,Best Buy and other retailers  have lined up in hot pursuit of this new trend, according to NYT.  Basically, Jupiter's projection was based on erratic assumptions that no new technological breakthrough in online marketing  is going to debut until 2011.  

Indications are that the mobile technology will evolve into an untrodden realm, like dashtop mobile equipment (DME), and will have established a real-time bridge between virtual and real worlds by 2011.  


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